Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps

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A multi-media, trans-genre interpretation of Scott Turner Schofield’s boundary-pushing, world-toured, award-winning performance piece embodying the adventure of becoming a man.

Writer/Performer: Scott Turner Schofield
Executive Producer: Andrea James
Budget: $275K
Genre: Experimental
Expected Rating: R
Length: 90 minutes
Aspect Ratio/Sound: 16:9 Dolby Digital
Project Status: Pre-Production
Production Schedule: Mid-2018
Post-Production Schedule: Mid-2019

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Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps works as a stage play, but it also lends itself to a more expansive artistic interpretation than the expected concert film that elevates successful one man shows.

This genre-bending anthology feature will include Scott’s performance in front of an audience, as well as interpretive vignettes of the most memorable of Scott’s 127 EASY steps. Mockumentary and documentary footage, and experimental film techniques will make each step have its own look and feel within a cohesive frame, like a curated gallery of collected works that may be viewed as separate short films, in any order, or as a cohesive whole.

Some steps will be filmed expansively and luxuriously. Some will be abstract. Some will be uncomfortably intimate. Some will be spare. Some will be raucous or joyous. Some will reflect deep sorrow and pain. Every scene and every frame will transport audiences each step of the way, through the dizzying range of emotions and experiences that can only come from Scott’s unique yet universal journey to his truth.

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Becoming A Man in 127 EASY Steps is a collection of 127 stories comprising one epic becoming — pre-, during, and post-gender transition. Stories of love. Honest dialogue about poor choices and their consequences. Gut-splittingly funny stories of a feminist who lives in a white man’s body. Revelations earned by walking through fire. Wry, personal and relatable social insight gained from nearly 20 years of living a publicly transgender life. 

In a culture fascinated with gender difference that is focused exclusively on trans women — in a media landscape that has so far only produced tropes about transition and turmoil — these stories offer audiences the rare opportunity to see the unseen, to hear the unheard, and to know the unknown.

In the live show, which has toured the world now for over a decade, audiences called out numbers from 1 to 127 to make a unique performance every time. The work maintains its interactive format as it steps from stage to screen, through an innovative storytelling odyssey as uncommon as its subject.

It is a trans-media journey, each story using its most authentic voice. The first step starts online, at a homepage. Any random footstep may link you to a podcast, then another might step to the e-book, on through the soundtrack, to land in a web series. The crown jewel of the project — the feature film showcasing the audience-tested best of the 127 stories — will call wider attention to the web platform as it tours film festivals and more.

The endurance of Becoming A Man in 127 EASY Steps — market-tested, one audience at a time, hundreds of times — reveals both its artistic merit and the power of its message. The stories this show has been telling since 2007 are built to satisfy the appetites of mainstream audiences on a much bigger platform.



Scott Turner Schofield

Scott Turner Schofield

Andrea James

Andrea James

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Named a “Trans Influencer of Hollywood” by OUT Magazine,Scott Turner Schofield became the first openly transgender actor in daytime television in the United States with the recurring role of “Nick" on CBS’s the Bold and the Beautiful.  He is a part of Hollywood's Transgender Tipping Point, and one of very few female to male actors in mainstream media.

Before his big television break, Scott toured internationally with his original solo theatre performances "Underground Transit," "Debutante Balls" and "Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps.”

Schofield has been honored with many distinctions and awards for his acting, among them a "Fruitie" audience choice award for Best Off-Broadway Performance, a Princess Grace Foundation Acting Fellowship, and a Creation Fund grant from the National Performance Network.

Recent projects include the recurring role of Liev in Pride: The Series on Amazon, and starring in the acclaimed short film Transmute (written & directed by Star Victoria). He has a starring role in The Conductor, a major motion picture written and directed by Maria Peters, due out late 2018. 

Schofield uses his platform to build bridges of understanding about transgender people in the mainstream, and served as an educator, consultant and spokesperson long before arriving in any spotlight. Considered one of his generation’s trailblazers in the movement for transgender liberation, Schofield uses a powerful mix of storytelling and advocacy to create and change policies at educational institutions and corporations. His TED Talk, "Ending Gender" is an acclaimed and globally-utilized tool for understanding gender diversity.


Andrea is a writer, director, producer, and transgender activist. While writing ads for ten years at top Chicago agencies, she authored, a how-to guide for transgender people.

In 2003, she co-founded Deep Stealth Productions, creating numerous instructional videos. She produced and appeared in first all-transgender performance of "The Vagina Monologues," featured in the documentary Beautiful Daughters. Andrea consulted with Felicity Huffman and is in the opening shot of the film Transamerica. Andrea produced and appeared in Transamerican Love Story, and she has served on the Boards of Directors for TransYouth Family Allies and Outfest.

She wrote and directed Family Restaurant, a children’s film for preschoolers with gay and lesbian parents. Andrea directed the Showtime special Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy, a concert film about gay adoption that premiered on Showtime. She’s also helped produce the FUSE docu-series Transcendent, following the personal and professional relationships of a group of trans women of color, and Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric for National Geographic.

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Though this piece has toured the world, our web-based, multi-media interpretation of Scott’s singular performance piece will take this far beyond one audience at a time. It will reveal for audiences everywhere the transmasculine experience hidden in plain sight: the hilarity, the humanity, and the previously unexplored portrait of the artist as a new man — one who made a remarkable emotional and physical journey in order to become a man.

This work can change the hearts of audiences around the world simultaneously: in movie theaters, in classrooms, on planes, in living rooms, and even on a scared and lonely teen’s laptop or phone. Join us in bringing the unique and urgent message of Scott’s unforgettable performance piece to a larger audience, in this time when it is needed most. 

Your support isn’t simply an investment in a media project. It’s a statement about the kind of world you want us to live in: a world colored by humor, dignity, and hope.

With gratitude,
Scott Turner Schofield - Writer/Performer
Andrea James - Producer



Be a part of the community that blazes the trail for this multi-media, trans-everything, epic storytelling odyssey! For as little as $1 per step, you’ll take every step along the way with behind-the-scenes, patron-only interactions and rewards. 

The film has earned support from the prestigious Independent Filmmaker Project! Donations of any size are tax-deductible and support the making of the film and web series through to their release.


Both IFP donors and Patreon* patrons will receive the following benefits:


For gifts of $127 or more: Lifetime access to all of the finished steps once they’re collected.

For gifts of $254 or more: All of the above, plus a list of all my favorite media (a reading list, a must-watch list, and a mixtape) that influenced the steps 

For gifts of $635 or more: All of the above, plus a limited-edition thumb-drive containing all the stories


*Patreon is a way of supporting this project by contributing per piece of content. We will release one piece of content on a regular basis, until all 127 steps are out in the world! For people who choose to support via Patreon, the gifts of $127, $254, or $635 will be the total of all step contributions, over the course of those 127 weeks. 

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