Becoming A Man in 127 EASY Steps is a collection of 127 stories comprising one epic becoming — pre-, during, and post-gender transition. Stories of love. Honest dialogue about poor choices and their consequences. Gut-splittingly funny stories of a feminist who lives in a white man’s body. Revelations earned by walking through fire. Wry, personal and relatable social insight gained from nearly 20 years of living a publicly transgender life. 

In a culture fascinated with gender difference that is focused exclusively on trans women — in a media landscape that has so far only produced tropes about transition and turmoil — these stories offer audiences the rare opportunity to see the unseen, to hear the unheard, and to know the unknown.

In the live show, which has toured the world now for over a decade, audiences called out numbers from 1 to 127 to make a unique performance every time. The work maintains its interactive format as it steps from stage to screen, through an innovative storytelling odyssey as uncommon as its subject.

It is a trans-media journey, each story using its most authentic voice. The first step starts online, at a homepage. Any random footstep may link you to a podcast, then another might step to the e-book, on through the soundtrack, to land in a web series. The crown jewel of the project — the feature film showcasing the audience-tested best of the 127 stories — will call wider attention to the web platform as it tours film festivals and more.

The endurance of Becoming A Man in 127 EASY Steps — market-tested, one audience at a time, hundreds of times — reveals both its artistic merit and the power of its message. The stories this show has been telling since 2007 are built to satisfy the appetites of mainstream audiences on a much bigger platform.