Though this piece has toured the world, our web-based, multi-media interpretation of Scott’s singular performance piece will take this far beyond one audience at a time. It will reveal for audiences everywhere the transmasculine experience hidden in plain sight: the hilarity, the humanity, and the previously unexplored portrait of the artist as a new man — one who made a remarkable emotional and physical journey in order to become a man.

This work can change the hearts of audiences around the world simultaneously: in movie theaters, in classrooms, on planes, in living rooms, and even on a scared and lonely teen’s laptop or phone. Join us in bringing the unique and urgent message of Scott’s unforgettable performance piece to a larger audience, in this time when it is needed most. 

Your support isn’t simply an investment in a media project. It’s a statement about the kind of world you want us to live in: a world colored by humor, dignity, and hope.

With gratitude,
Scott Turner Schofield - Writer/Performer
Andrea James - Producer



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