Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps works as a stage play, but it also lends itself to a more expansive artistic interpretation than the expected concert film that elevates successful one man shows.

This genre-bending anthology feature will include Scott’s performance in front of an audience, as well as interpretive vignettes of the most memorable of Scott’s 127 EASY steps. Mockumentary and documentary footage, and experimental film techniques will make each step have its own look and feel within a cohesive frame, like a curated gallery of collected works that may be viewed as separate short films, in any order, or as a cohesive whole.

Some steps will be filmed expansively and luxuriously. Some will be abstract. Some will be uncomfortably intimate. Some will be spare. Some will be raucous or joyous. Some will reflect deep sorrow and pain. Every scene and every frame will transport audiences each step of the way, through the dizzying range of emotions and experiences that can only come from Scott’s unique yet universal journey to his truth.